SCTE Rocky Mountain Chapter is located in the heart of “Denver Cable,” the pioneering home to 17+ cable headquarters, back in the day (pre-consolidation!) Geographically, we serve members from the high plains of northern New Mexico, to the the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to the sweeping vistas of Wyoming. This means we are an especially picturesque chapter to visit — and join! 

We take great pride in serving telecommunication professionals in the Rocky Mountain region. Our programs range from regular chapter meetings to webinars, training seminars and vendor events — not to mention our annual Engineering Symposium, in the summer, and Executive Engineering Roundtable, in the winter. Both offer ample networking opportunities (understatement!) within a technologically vibrant community. 

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Rocky Mountain Chapter is Mourning the Loss of a Leader

Some of you know Richard Covell, who has been in the industry for well over 45 years.  Tom Gorman, President of RMC states “I attended my very first seminar on cable technology in 1976, led by Richard. He is the man that “lit my fire” for the industry. He was a great teacher, engineer, and ultimately a friend to all of us. ”

Ron Hranac, Friend of The Board recall “Richard contributed a LOT to the industry, and will be missed. Some notable highlights:

Member of SCTE’s Circle of Eagles

SCTE Emeritus Member (in SCTE for at least 40 years)

SCTE Hall of Fame inductee, 1998

SCTE Senior Member

SCTE Member of the Year, 1990

Cable TV Pioneers, Class of 2002

Served on SCTE’s national Board of Directors (At-Large Director, I think); I believe Richard may have been Western Vice President, too.

Active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter (Associate Board Member in recent years)

Taught countless technical seminars, wrote some of the early SCTE Installer Certification manuals.

And who could forget the cable BBQs and parties at his place in Bailey, CO and later in Elizabeth, CO? His 50th birthday celebration at the Will-O-The-Wisp in Bailey? And his 60th (or was it the 65th ?) BD celebration at the Stagecoach in Franktown?