Rocky Mountain Chapter Scholarships

Surviving AND thriving in a highly competitive world means that SCTE certification is more and more important. Your SCTE Rocky Mountain Chapter recognizes this, and also knows that for many of you, funds may not be available for certification dues and SCTE membership.

That’s why we’re funding a limited number of scholarships, toward SCTE membership and certification. On a first-come, first-served basis, we support 5 individuals per year.

Here’s what you get:

  • One year’s membership to National SCTE – a $68.00 value!
  • Up to two free standard certification tests or one DVEP and one IPEP test
  • Your certification will be framed at Chapter Expense
  • A Rocky Mountain Chapter SCTE Certification Jacket, to honor your accomplishment
  • A patch to commemorate your certification achievement

The following single test certifications are available:

  • (BPI) Broadband Premises Installer
  • (BPT) Broadband Premises Technician
  • (BPE) Broadband Premises Expert
  • (BPS) Broadband Premises Specialist
  • (BDS) Broadband Distribution Specialist
  • (BTS) Broadband Transportation Specialist
  • (BTCS) Broadband Telecom Center Specialist
  • (DVEP) Digital Video Engineering Professional
  • (IPEP) Internet Protocol Engineering Professional
  • (BCT) Broadband Communication Technician*
  • (BCE) Broadband Communications Engineer*

You can also apply your scholarship towards multiple test certificates (we will cover any two tests or a single test for DVEP and IPEP.)

*Only members enrolled in the BCT and BCE prior to April 29, 2008 are eligible to test in these two certifications. Testing opportunities will end on December 31, 2010 for BCE and BCT certifications

Here is the process:

1) One Step enrollment at the time of taking the test – no more pre-enrollment required or 48 hour notice.

2) Pay the exam fee – The Rocky Mountain Chapter will cover this fee either with a reimbursement check or one of the board member proctors will use their credit card and get reimbursed by the chapter treasurer.

3) Login to the SCTE exam site.

4) Take exam immediately.

5) Results are immediately shown to only you after you submit the test.

Take SCTE courses!!

The SCTE offers certification training for every one of its certification programs. Click on this link to gain access to all SCTE training resources!


Download the application here!