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March 2020 Chapter Compliance Awards Matrix Update

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Readout by Nick Segura

We've produced a monster of a Matrix points tracker, and gave her a nickname of “Mrs. Frankenstein”. This tracking spreadsheet will include all important Chapter activities for events such as webinars, newsletters, whitepapers, articles, certification opportunities, who’s certified. It will provide Rocky Mountain Chapter with an instant status on how we’re doing according to our goal of 2020 points in the year 2020 and by listing all activities it will act as a reminder to submit required reports.

Of special note for this year, National will award RMC a point for every 5 virtual seats occupied during Webinars offered through June 15th. Let's take advantage of our synergy hosting remote sessions in 2019 and carry this into 2020!

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