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David Harrison


UK citizen, resident of Colorado for over 10 years, married with 2 grown children and 2 grand children.

A cable telecommunications professional with over 30 years global leadership experience. Broad technical knowledge and management experience across all areas of modern broadband networks. Deploying Voice, DOCSIS HSI, and Video services, and managing network operations for the majority of his cable carreer. David has been Vice President Telephony Operations with Charter Communications since April, 2015, he was previously at Cisco, and spent nearly 20 years with Liberty/TCI companies in UK, EU, Japan, and USA.

David strongly believes his greatest assets are his colleagues, and strives to develop teams that are highly motivated and capable by enabling their individual success through personal development opportunities, giving them authority to take action and be accountable through delegating responsibility, while keeping management oversight to ensure support is available and providing cover for when things may go outside the guiderails. He is also an active mentor to several individuals at Charter and believes it an excellent approach to developing new leaders.

High integrity and humility are key for David and he cascades these values through his team, providing a strong foundation of core values. He is an active communicator throughout his team, ensuring he is visible and accessible to his entire organization, the door is always open.

David is a Fellow of the UK SCTE and Member of US SCTE, and was inducted into the Cable Pioneers in the Class of 2009 for his pioneering works in developing and deploying large scale Voice over Cable infrastructure and services across the world (UK, Japan, USA, and EU).

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