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Certification Incentive Program

Get Certified!


Link to SCTE•ISBE Certifications


SCTE•ISBE Certifications are a way to solidify your stake in the industry by proving you have professional-grade technical knowledge and experience in your current, previous, and future roles. All cable operators in the country recognize these certifications and can often be used for consideration in the hiring or promotion process within your organization. These certifications will not only prove your level of expertise in your craft, but they also show the investment you have put into your cable career. There are several types of certifications out there for all types of roles & skill levels.

The SCTE•ISBE Rocky Mountain Chapter is launching a Certification Incentive Program in 2020. For any successfully passed exam, the Chapter will reimburse your out-of-pocket exam fee PLUS an incentive reward per certification. To start, we are putting $2,000 in our annual budget to pay YOU for getting certified.


Rules of the SCTE•ISBE Rocky Mountain Chapter Certification Incentive Program:

  • Must be an active SCTE•ISBE member and associated to the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

  • Exam fee will only be reimbursed when you pass the exam. Exam fee will not be reimbursed for failed exams.  Exam fees must be paid for upfront to take the exam.

  • Only your out-of-pocket exam fees are eligible for reimbursement. If your exam fee was sponsored by your company, an SCTE grant, part of your purchase for an online course, or other means of sponsorship, the exam fee will not be eligible for reimbursement.

  • Certification incentive reward will be paid out one time per certification. If your certification expires (after 3 years) and you decide to take the certification exam again, your exam fee will not be reimbursed, and no reward will be given. There is a recertification program that allows you to collect Recertification Units (RUs) that will help you keep your certifications active without the need to retest. See the recertification page here.

  • Once the budget for the Certification Incentive Program has run out for the year, the board will come together to decide how and when to get a reward to you. We will do our best to figure something out!

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