SCTE•ISBE Certifications are a way to solidify your stake in the industry by proving you have professional-grade technical knowledge and experience in your current, previous, and future roles. All cable operators in the country recognize these certifications and can often be used for consideration in the hiring or promotion process within your organization. These certifications will not only prove your level of expertise in your craft, but they also show the investment you have put into your cable career. Certified professionals are 60% more efficient than those without certifications; allowing for better metrics, workmanship, and productivity.


Once you have successfully passed an SCTE•ISBE certification exam, you will be recognized nationally and internationally in a number of ways.

  • SCTE•ISBE will mail to you a certificate and a certification patch.

  • Your name will be added to the SCTE•ISBE directory of distinguished individuals who have earned SCTE•ISBE certifications.

  • You will be recognized in SCTE•ISBE’s quarterly newsletter, Interval.

  • You will have the honor of displaying your credentials following your name on your business card, email signature, and industry publications. (i.e. Your Name, BPT, BPE, BDS)

In addition, you may be honored with recognition within your respective organization. Check with your SCTE•ISBE Chapter board if there are testing fee reimbursements and/or incentives available for passing certification exams.

Please take a look at the Rocky Mountain Chapter's Certification Incentive Program!

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