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David Kelley

Assistant Board

Dave Kelley was hired on with TCI in 1997 after his time in the Marine Corps in Redmond Washington. He went through the industry ranks as an installer, fault locator and service technician. In 1999/2000 he became a network technician during the digital cable era and the King County rebuild. During this time he started going through NCTI courses. First he became NCTI Master Certified and now he is in the NCTI Hall of Fame. In 2017 he was asked to move to Colorado with the goal to bring better business practices and network techniques to the Mountain West Region. He is now the Mountain West Region Field Engineer. He was an active member of the Mt. Rainier chapter and is now happily engaged in the Rocky Mountain chapter of SCTE.

What Dave loves about being part of SCTE is the networking and friendships he’s made with passionate likeminded individuals from our Chapter member meetings. He enjoys the willingness of these individuals to share their knowledge, regardless of their employment status. He looks forward to continue to be a part of the Chapter and wants to help in assisting and mentoring the next wave of engineers to help build on an industry that’s ever evolving.

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