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David Krook


I joined the Navy after High School serving from 1982 to 1986 – I served in the Navy, Presidential Honor Guard in Washington DC for four years as Body Bearer, Platoon Petty Officer and Division Leading Petty Officer.

I then transitioned into the private sector in 1986 where I started out as an installation technician- I was able to progress through multiple different technical levels, then I transitioned into management where he was able to utilize the people leading and technical skills.

I was very fortunate to have moved up in my career and the SCTE was a big part of helping me grow. In part by learning and expanding my technical knowledge, the other through networking at all levels developing peer and leadership mentors.

I have over 25 years of management experience, where my objective is to serve my people and help them succeed in their career objectives.

My current role is the Director of Technical Operations – supporting a 5 State region, 1,200 technicians and 600 contractors for day to day operations and strategic planning.

I also helped to establish the -Local Veterans Network with in Comcast – this is an Employee Resource Group with in Comcast to help veteran within the company as well volunteering to assist at Non-Profit organizations.

I served on the Rocky Mountain Chapter for 13 years holding several positions and running the Cable Tech Games for all those years. I really enjoy serving our technical community. I am excited about the opportunity to serve this region again.

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