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Dr Jason Rupe

Assistant Board

Dr. Jason Rupe got his Ph.D. a long time ago, conducting research on large scale systems and networks for reliability and performance modeling. He taught quality control, reliability, and even a few software and electronics courses at various universities. He has worked at USWEST Advanced Technologies, Qwest Communications, Polar Star Consulting, Tenica, and as an independent consultant to the IEEE. In these companies, he has had titles including technical staff, senior technical staff, and director; but he has always been the companies’ expert on reliability and quality. In these roles, he has been able to design or help design several networks for the government and private sector, assure broadband deployments are profitable and reliable, design solutions that meet targeted service level agreements, design and test network solutions for high reliability, and invent a few cool things too. He is heavily involved in the IEEE, in various roles at conferences, on the IEEE Reliability Society ExCom (elected), as a co-chair for the IEEE Blockchain Initiative, and as chair of IEEE Denver Section. Currently, he is the Principal Architect for Proactive Network Maintenance at CableLabs, where he is the champion for all opportunities to help the industry improve service reliability for the cable industry. He holds two patents, and is working on a bunch more.

Cable Labs
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