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Frank Eichenlaub

Regional Representative

Frank has been a member of the SCTE since 1987 when a prominent member of the Society, Ron Hranac, hired him to join Jones Intercable. At that time, he operated the company’s corporate engineering lab, developing many programs from installer certification to product standardization and purchasing. In the early ’90s he left Jones to join the TCI Corporate team and became more involved in field engineering issues as well as developing specific optical systems practices and specifications. Frank left TCI in 1993 and started working for Antec as a fiber optics instructor. He later became a sales engineer in the international sales group and continued in a system engineering role through Antec’s change to Arris, Scientific Atlanta and Cisco for many years. In 2013 Frank made a move back into operations, taking on a new role for Comcast as Senior Director of Engineering where he facilitated development the NGAN fiber to the home and N+0 network strategies, standards, design and documentation. Most recently Frank was promoted to Executive Director Access Networks in the NGAN (Next Generation Access Networks) team.

At SCTE’s local level, Frank was an officer in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the SCTE for 8 years. He has served as a Board member, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and President while at the chapter. At SCTE’s national level, Frank served as the Region 2 Director for a full term of 6 years where he served as Western Vice Chair and Secretary. He was involved with the IPS (Interface Practices Subcommittee) when it began to create the recommended practices for the 5/8-24 port on actives and passives as well as specifications for the F-fitting.

Frank has been a registered speaker for the SCTE for the last 18 years and has an active role in many regional SCTE shows as a speaker or panel member and has been involved in the many Chapter Leadership Conferences and thoroughly enjoyed taking an active role in the event. In 2009 Frank was awarded with the SCTE Member of the Year at the Cable Tec Expo in Denver. Frank took a break from his involvement with the SCTE after his national board role to allow new blood into the Rocky Mountain Chapter and National Board but would like to engage with the local chapter again to help where he can from a leadership role.

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