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Jose Quinones-Alos

Assistant Board

Since 2015, my journey has revolved around the dynamic world of telecommunications. It all began with my involvement in DOCSIS cable modem testing, which I pursued for three years. This foundation led me to the realm of wireless certification testing, where I honed my expertise in various command and control technologies like TR069 and explored the realm of cloud technologies and application-based testing. Currently my role has evolved into a test lead and technical manager within one of our Integration Engines at Charter.

Before venturing into telecommunications, I took on the role of a technical project manager for diverse production shows in Los Angeles. Prior to this, my career spanned the realms of finance, where I worked as a financial planner on my home island of Puerto Rico. During my time there, I held the position of Director of Marketing at Borders PR. Furthermore, I took on the responsibilities of a project manager at a cybersecurity firm.

Denver, Colorado, has become my cherished home, and I am currently embracing the path of leadership and expanding my horizons within the Charter work family. My commitment to growth remains unwavering as I delve into new leadership roles and continue to evolve as a professional.

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