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Justin Stiles


Justin Stiles joined Charter in 2018 as an engineer on the OSP Engineering & Architecture team at CTEC in Englewood, Colorado. He began his interest in the cable industry as a teenager tinkering with his cable modem to get faster download speeds from the network. He has now come full circle and is configuring CMTSs, DAA nodes, and has built an extended spectrum high split cable plant in a lab environment to evaluate the future capabilities of the cable access network.
He has contributed to many device and field operations standards and is part of multiple Cablelabs working groups. He is passionate about all the new technology coming into the industry and welcomes the new challenges ahead.

Prior to Charter, Justin was a RF test engineer for Lockheed Martin working on satellite components. Before that he was an IT coordinator for an engineering firm based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Justin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical engineering from the University of Colorado Denver.

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