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Matt Petersen

Assistant Board

Matt Petersen serves as Vice President of Access Architecture for Charter Communications. In Matt’s current role, he is responsible for architecture, standards and strategy of the access network. Over the last 13 years at Charter, Matt has been one of the key contributing individuals for the development of the National Backbone, DOCSIS technologies, Commercial Solutions, and New Product offerings. Matt has held numerous positions at Adelphia, Comcast and Charter over his 19 year career. He has studied at the University of Buffalo earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Matt has been a key stakeholder promoting the Generic Access Platform within the Industry. The genesis of the GAP is designing an open-based platform widely adopted by major MSOs that any manufacturer can either build upon the actual “standardized” enclosure and modules that are pluggable into the GAP.

The first phase is to standardize the thermal dissipation, power consumption and electrical connectivity for use in North America. Similar to a computer rack in a Headend, each rack unit can dissipate a certain amount of thermal energy and consume certain amount of power. The specifications of the GAP enclosure will allow manufacturers to build modules according to these constraints and requirements.
Matt is also a major contributor to the Extended Spectrum DOCSIS initiative (1.8GHz) which is part of the DOCSIS 4.0 specification that was recently announced.

On a personal note, Matt is your typical Colorado outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, and off-roading on the weekends.

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