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Rey Cole

Assistant Board

Rey Cole has enjoyed 24 years in the Cable / Telecom Industry, launching his career in the trenches building cables systems in Northern California. With the expected arrival of his first son, Rey joined TCI Cable as a Field Technician / Installer becoming fascinated with the business of RF transmission. Two years later with the arrival of his second son and needing to grow his finances, Rey derived a strategy underpinned by a supporting mantra of “Get out of the field to pay my bills”, which led him to SCTE. Rey’s mission was to leverage SCTE to gain additional cable knowledge through the training / educational courses while taking advantage of networking opportunities extended through SCTE. He joined SCTE in 2004 as a member of the Golden Gate Northern California Chapter where he served two consecutive terms as a board member focusing his efforts on membership value and retention. After departing California and moving to Colorado, Rey aligned with the Rocky Mt. Chapter serving as a Friend of the Board.

Over his 24 years in the Cable / Telecom Industry, Rey Cole has held many roles all supporting the industry he loves: from Cable Plant Construction, Ariel Linesmen, Field Technician, Technical Trainer and Training Manager, Regional Audit Manager, Director of Strategic Sales, to being a multi-year recipient of the coveted Presidents Cup Award. Throughout his many years Rey has been aligned and committed with the people and technologies driving our industry. Rey currently leverages his experience with Omni Remotes where he partners with companies to bring their consumer electronic dreams to fruition.

Omni Remotes
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