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Theresa Sauerwein

Assistant Board

Joined the Cable Industry in in 1978. TelePrompter of Newport Beach, Ca. I worked as a Customer Service Rep for the summer until returning to my senior year of H.S..
After graduation in 1979 returned to TelePrompter as a file clerk. One afternoon I was challenged by one of our field technicians I convinced the System Manager to put me in the field as an installer. It’s all history from there….

1979-1981 TelePromter Newport Beach CA. as an Installer to a Maintenance Technician
1982 – Jones Spacelink – Chief Technician - Colorado and Florida designing and re-building SMATV’s
1983 – 2005 Group W – Comcast- Construction Supervisor to Project Management building Los Angeles systems. Advanced to Technical Manager / Regional Special Projects, Division Special Projects to Corporate Engineering. Nicknamed – Fiber Queen!!!
2005 – 2016 Worked for a variety of contractors including starting our own company.
2016 – 2018 – Deep Fiber Solutions – Project Manager / Field Engineer for Comporium. Managed fiber to the home project.
1988 – First joined SCTE on the board of the So Cal Chapter
1990 – Founder of the San Diego Chapter
1991 – Joined the DVAC Board – Held multiple positions over the next 16 years.
2006 – 2016 After Comcast I went to work for various contractors.
2012 – Joined the Chesapeake SCTE Board
2017 – Went to work for Deep Fiber Solutions as the Project Manager / Field Engineer for Comporium in Rock Hill S.C.
2017 – Joined Piedmont Board. 2018 Piedmont Secretary. I was really bad at that. Thank God for Kim Lambert!
2018 - Joined Radiant Communications 2018 and moved to Denver area..
2019 joined the Rocky Mountain Board as an Associate Member.

1998 Frank Ragone Award for Outstanding Performer of the Year (Comcast)
2003 SCTE Polaris Award Winner

RCC Fiber
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