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April 2020 Chapter Compliance Awards Matrix Update

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Readout by Nick Segura

Your Rocky Mountain Chapter leaders are sensitive to different needs among SCTE members during these unique times. Our focus is to serve members needs primarily through more relevant webinar offerings! And for the next three months we’ve lined up extraordinary speakers from Corporate Comcast and CableLabs to present on current and future technology topics such as DAA Remote-Phy with Steve Sigman -Comcast, CDN in an IP video delivery with Jamie Panagos -Comcast, and All things WiFi in telecom industry with Josh Redmore -CableLabs. Our board and associates have the energy and synergy to Co-host with other SCTE Chapters to not only bring in points for the matrix, we feel it brings more value to members who will not feel they need to search the web for relevant materials.

Thank you for joining the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the SCTE and please help push us to offer the most value to your career and to your company. This outcome, by design, is the real purpose of the SCTE Chapter Compliance Awards Matrix!

We're currently sitting at 282.5 recognized points through the month of April. We are expecting this number to be corrected and the June readout will reflect this update.

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